vendredi 16 décembre 2016

JavaScript Flash; Not the Same...? [on hold]

I have a Flash app that can receive data and trace it fine from the second example but obviously there's more functionality with the first one. The first one can connect and receive data but I can't for the life of me get flash to pickup any response. I know it's setup correctly, since one of the servers burps out input without a problem. Honestly I think I'm gonna try & use socket io at this point but I'd like to know why this doesn't work.

I'm guessing it's the client object for some reason at the top of the first server, would just like to know for curiousity/future reference, who knows maybe someone will google something similar

Server 1 (JavaScript) :

Server 2 (AS3 / Flash) :

Edit: I'm wondering why these two node servers output different is that off topic...?

Possible solution: For those with the same problem, use socket.pipe(socket) and the data starts showing up on the first client just like the second one. Still don't know why so I'm off to research.

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