vendredi 13 janvier 2017

Access AppEntry/Main activity of AIR app in an ANE

I am trying to receive data from an implicit intent in my AIR for android app. The mime type of intent would be plain text and the action would be ACTION_SEND.

If I use the AS3 native way of handling the InvokeEvent.INVOKE event, then in case of ACTION_SEND intent I am not getting any data. Check this thread :

I am trying to create an ANE for this, but I am not sure how to go about it. I am thinking of 2 approaches for the ANE :

  1. If somehow I can access the Main activity of the AIR app in the ANE, then may be I can handle the intent which started the app and somehow retrieve the data. So my first question is, is this even possible ? And if yes, how would I do it ?

  2. If the first approach does not work, then should I create another activity in my ANE, add that ANE's activity in the manifest with the intent-filter. The other android apps would then start this activity, which will receive the intent, parse the data and the pass it to the air app's main activity after it starts the air app.

I am not really sure if any of these approaches are correct.

Any help ?

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