mercredi 25 janvier 2017

actionscript3 how to manage memory in ios

So we have developed an app using AIR that runs smoothly on android but crashing on iOS. The app just has a preloader and a folder containing a bunch of precompiled SWF files. The user loads one of the SWF called labs files and runs it. It looks something like this:


Now, everything worked fine and all, but once a person loads a lab, the new lab has multiple frames and in the beginning the app runs smoothly but as the user keeps loading frames the app crashes without any errors. I used the debugger in Adobe Flash Professional CC 2016 and there was no error, checked logs etc. still no luck. In the end I just used Instruments and looked up the memory usage. Apparently as frames loaded the application used up all the memory and in the end crashed. The Activity Monitor looked really nasty :

activity monitor

now my question is, is there a specific method to manage memory in actionscript3 from adobe's side?

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