mardi 31 janvier 2017

AGAL seq opcode works on hardware, but doesn't on software emulation (float number comparison is different on both?)

From docs: seq set-if-equal destination = source1 == source2 ? 1 : 0, component-wise

I haven't yet tested it thoroughly, but so far my fragment shader worked on both machines (desktop pcs), where context3D initialization succeeded as DirectX, but doesn't work on machines where flash falls back to software rendering.

seq ft2.x, ft0.x, fc0.x

ft.x is set to 1 on hardware, when current pixel red value, stored in ft0.x is equal to constant fc0.x, which stores 50/255. So what I want to happen, does happen on #32???? (50 == 0x32) colored pixel on hardware, but doesn't on software.

I already tested for a workaround, and I can replace seq opcodes with a more complex algorithm involving slt (set if less than) or sge (set if greater or equal).

So it seems the problem lies in a comparison of a constant I supply to the GPU (50/255) and the actual red value (which is 50 in the texture). If it was anything else (e.g. RGBA values had a different order), slt and sge would fail as well.

Am I doing something wrong here? Should I somehow round compared values (e.g. multiply by 255 then remove the fractional) in order to be sure it will work in all devices and modes?

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