vendredi 27 janvier 2017

AS3 Accessing Symbols on the IKArmature

I am VERY new to this programming thing, but I am trying to work on a project. My background actually comes from the Game Art side, rather than the Game programming side, so, I hope to come off with a bit of clarity here.

I am trying to make a game in flash and I have built a character using an IKArmature. The symbols that attached to the armature represent the character skins that are going to be changeable. SO the idea is that I am able to change skins on each of the characters while reusing the animations.

The trouble I'm having is accessing the symbol in AS3. I am still learning it, but I have yet to find a tutorial that spells out how to get to the symbol itself, on the armature. I figure I'm just approaching it from an artist's mind instead of a programmer's mind. So, please spell it out for me, in very base terms.

Thank you

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