dimanche 1 janvier 2017

From Where Should I Start to Learn [From Scratch] To Develop This Specific Application? [on hold]

1st Of All.
Wishing You All Very Very Happy New Year.

I am very much familiar with this website.
From past many years many of my google queries lead me here.
So now if I saw the link from stackoverflow in my google search i know that i already got the answer.

Never thought I would ever need to post anything on the programming forum.
I do not have any idea of programming.100% Dumb.
Even My Sister's Kids Know Better than me.

Question :
I would like to know that
From where should i start [Start From Scratch] and at least what should I learn to develop this specific kind of application. And to take it to the new extent what should I learn.

What I know about this application is.
It is a fitness tracker.
Adobe air required running this application.
Contain swf file. but it does not open in browser, though.
You can create different workout modules in an editor and add to this application.
It is size is just 3 Mb.

Here are some pictures of this application.
Here are Some Videos, In Case one find it useful. [Not Allowed More than 3 Link For Nebie]

Here Are the applications link.
It Contains
Tracker Application.
Text file with images and video link

Yes ,
I know it would be a long process.
But I deiced to add this as The new year resolution."Start Learn Programming".
I can still Learn and can give few years [Few Hours Per Day] For this.
I am very enthusiastic also as you might have noticed by now with this long post.

I also Did a google search for "from where should one start to learn programming".
Results were very good and wide. I found lots of different views and result from "Start With Assembly, Vb, C and many others"
Different starting point for different goal like web application, desktop application, mobile etc, front end, back end,3d programming, game programming, high performance programming.javascript. etc.
Now No clue at all.....
But not particularly for this kind of application.
Because I do not know in which category should I put this application, desktop app, web app or game kind app, 2d sth ????

This Application has inspired me a lot. I need it. But I can not get it.
Contacted The author several time but no luck. Even Their website is down from past few years now.
Search a lot for Full Working Application but no luck so finally decided to learn and develop.
How Hard It Could be.....

and this year....
So finally it leads me to learn and no other options left.
But I would like to be focused related to this application only, for now.
So before starting to learn sth irrelevant I decided to ask here so it could be firmer and focus.

Any Little Bit of Help Would definitely be very useful to me.
I Would Really Really appreciate any of your guidance.

Thanks A Lot.

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