dimanche 22 janvier 2017

Log in through facebook app if the user has the facebook app installed?

I am working with the latest versions of Starling and FeathersUI using Flash Builder 4.7

Currently I have added a "log in/sign up through facebook" option into my mobile application. The option works by using the Feathers WebView component to open the url:


I then wait for the starling.events.Event.COMPLETE event which tells me the page has finished loading - I can then access the location of the WebView (browser) to get the access token to validate their log in.

My question is: If a user has the Facebook App installed already on their phone, how can I make my app automatically check the Facebook App for the users login, rather than sending to the web-browser log in page for facebook?

I am aware of ANEs that provide functionality for this, but is there a way without using an ANE? Perhaps there is a facebook log in page that gives the option of connecting through facebook app? This ANE (http://ift.tt/1fIJAVg) seems to have that option, but am unsure where to direct the user to within my app in the WebView to have that "log in through facebook app" option appear?

I will later want to include things like Posting to users walls (if they choose to), sharing links etc. so perhaps I need to use a social plugin ANE (I dont think those work for desktop versions of the app though unfortunately).

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