lundi 16 janvier 2017

make swf read its own name

I'm creating an app using flash cc. In the app I need to load external swf files which are bunch of games. I need swf files to read its own name. I used

var swfName:String = decodeURIComponent(this.loaderInfo.url.split("/").pop()) code to read its name. It works. But the problem I had with my app was the size. So I had to exclude external swf file from apk and load it from sd card. The problem with that was sandbox error. So I used byteArray and loaderContext to bypass the sandbox error. It work great except now the swf files is not reading its own file name but instead it is reading app's name. Is there anyway that I can make swffiles read its own name while loading it usingbyteArray` ? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

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