mardi 10 janvier 2017

Mouse scroll wheel doesn't work on mx.controls.HTML in some applications

I've created a custom component that wraps an HTML page. It works fine but in some WindowApplications the mouse wheel doesn't work.

It is a UIComponent that adds a mx.controls.HTML to it. I have one application where the mouse wheel works and another application where the mouse wheel doesn't work.

I've been comparing the differences but haven't figured it out yet and I could use some help. Everything works fine when it was extending mx.controls.HTML but since I changed it to extend UIComponent and then add the mx.controls.HTML as a child it mouse scrolling doesn't work in some applications.

Note: Mouse wheel scrolling does still work on the scrollbar to the HTML control just not on it's content.
Note: I can post a link to the class on github if necessary.

It was user fault. I had set AceEditor scrollSpeed to .5 but since the variable I was using was of type int it set the scroll speed to 0. Scrolling now works.

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