vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Not access to objects when I start from different frame

Not accessing objects when start of diffrent frame

I creating a game if I start to game at frame 1 everything is ok.But is there many object is not work when player has choice to level from menu and start level 2.(Level 2 is frame 107)

That's all not work because all of codes stay before the frame 107 (level 2)

It's work clearly on level 2 when I use the same object to call another instance name and function.But I have timer and it's should start 2 min when player start level at 2.

Here is problems when player has choice to level 2.

Butons disiplay but not work. High score text not disiplay. Timer not disiplay.

What shold I do ? Is this need a script or something else ?

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