dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Translating the text in a flash game off the web

Here is what I'm trying to do.
There is this flash game on the web, which I downloaded as a swf. What I want to do is translate all the text from this game.

I tried "decompiling" it with flasm, looking for the actual dialogue strings (which are misplaced all over in between code) and changing them one by one. This is the first problem: is there not an easier way? Like, say, selectively extracting all the text in a nice txt file, translating that file and then compiling it back into the game? I'm kind of assuming the answer is no, but still...

What is a real problem to me is changing the font that the dialogue text is displayed in. This is absolutely necessary as the font it uses doesn't contain some characters I need in my target language.

Does anyone have a clue about how to do any of this? Even being told that it is completely impossible would be better than nothing. Thanks.

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