jeudi 5 janvier 2017

wopr (joshua) in as3

Hello everyone and sorry for my english, i'm french. Hm, well, i'm a BIG fan of the film "WarGames" (1983) with the artificial intelligence, Joshua. And i want to make a chat bot like this, in AS3.

I have ever made a chatbot in AS3, but, it's not like in the film. You can test it, here (it's in french and i made this there's one year xD)

But the problem is that when i made this, i need two fields : a little field where i must write my words, and another fields where the program answering.

Il would like to make a "console", all in the same big field with an "auto-scrolling" to have always the cursor "down", like in msdos... i don't know if i use the corrects words

i'm a graphist, a illustrator and the "code" is like a little hobby. But i'm fascinated by this... so my question is ; is that possible in as3, to recreate a "msdos console look alike" with a big cursor (on/off) etc, etc...?"

Thanks for your advice. And happy new year for all :)

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