samedi 4 février 2017

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5(AS3) with Distriqt Compass always says "The native extension context could not created"

I'm using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 with ANE Distriqt Compass, I've created a simple .fla project and written a few lines of AS3 script, the compilation was successful, but when I executed the .swf file on my PC, it always says "The native extension context could not be created", at the beginning, I thought the problem cause is that my PC doesn't have a magnetometer, but when I packaged my code into a .apk file and installed it on my Android device, it said the same thing. After checking through the code, I found out that Compass.init never executes successfully. Here is my project, can someone tell me what causes the problem? I tried the solution from this link, but that doesn't work either. I also tried to extract the file 'com.distriqt.Compass.ane' as .zip file and link the file distriqt.extension.compass.default.swc under META-INF/ANE/default directory. I've searched through the Google inside-out, but it seems to be have no solution.

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