vendredi 17 février 2017

Importing *.dae file with texture to papervision 3D

I downloaded the exmaples from, set up a new Flash Builder Project, made some changes and finally I got my cow on top of the marker BUT just the wireframe, not the texture :-(

The Actionscript-Code looks like

                private function setupDAE():void
                        //Load collada model
                        collada_model = new DAE();
                        //And setup it's initial parameters
                        collada_model.scale = 40;                       
                        collada_model.rotationX = 90;           

The DAE shows

        <image id="texture0" name="texture0">
        <material id="material0" name="material0">
                <instance_effect url="#material0-fx" />

Any help?

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