mardi 28 février 2017

Remote Debugging wont connect

I sort of make shift followed this guide on how to setup remote debugging. Since I am using Adobe Animate to compile my app I assume it has done the majority of the build steps already as I get a similar screen described.

I don't understand though. Here I have port forwarding up on my router so that it goes to my PC. I have TCP port 7935 up and open. Windows firewall on or off doesn't seem to make difference. Windows firewall even prompted me to allow or deny fdb after I ran it. I can't get my phone to connect via remote debugging. I want to be able to send this to my client who is having issue with the app so I can see what's going on under the hood instead of relying on a giant sum of try/catch statements and screenshots. Any help?

I tried a dummy domain and it seems to know that it can't connect to it. When I try mine or my IPv4 it doesn't let me connect. It just freezes up the app.

enter image description here enter image description here

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