samedi 11 mars 2017

Flash AS3 - 2D Augmented Reality - How to display image

I have been stuck trying to make an image appear after detecting my custom marker. I have been using the FLARToolKit with the Earth demo it provides to play around with the AR.

I can get the FLARToolKit to display the Earth animation when it hovers over my custom marker so I know that the marker isn't the problem. I just want to know the code on how I can simply place a flat 2D image I have over the top of my marker without any animation or movement to the image itself.

Below is the code I have been using to detect my marker if that helps:

public function Earth() {
        addEventListener(Event.INIT, _onInit);
        init('Data/camera_para.dat', 'Data/marker163.pat');

Thanks in advance!

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