dimanche 19 mars 2017

Passing values from c# to actionscript 3 and crossdomain questions

I have a c# console application that I want to use for a game server the client is being written is as3. I am going to embed the swf into a c# form later. I have a couple questions, I'm really hoping someone can help me figure this out. Currently I have it set up to send a request to log in to the server, at which point the server checks information you put in the username and password fields and verifies the information. If you are authenticated you get connected. My issue is I can't figure out how to send specific information back to flash, such as a string or int. I want to do this for things like displaying user stats for example. I looked at many tutorials but most are about using a flash application that is embedded in a c# server application, and does not operate the same way I need it to.

I just want to send a string or int from my c# server to my flash application that I have retrieved from mysql. so if anyone can just show me how to send a string or int to flash as a raw value please let me know :)

If you can please post a snippet of code... I am still very new as3 c# communication.

also if you need the source please contact me on skype Skype = Serifaz2 I don't want to just publicly post it ... sorry :(

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