jeudi 20 avril 2017

Adobe Air aapt tool failed:ERROR: Platform AndroidManifest.xml not found

This might be simple but this is my first time attempting to use Adobe Air to create a mobile app.

I just created a brand new flex mobile project in Adobe Air. I then proceeded to run as an android application on an android device.

When I do this, I get the following error:

Error occurred while packaging the application:

aapt tool failed:ERROR: Platform AndroidManifest.xml not found

I'm using Flash Builder 4.7 with a newly updated Adobe Air 25.0. In the SDKs folder of Flash Builder I see flex is 4.6 and air is 3.6.

The only thing I've done is I've copied aapt, adb and dx.jar from android SDK 25 into my /lib/android/bin folder of Flex 4.6 per the recommendation found here.

Before I did that Adobe Air could not detect my device.

Worth noting - the new project will run on a simulator.

Any ideas why it can't find a manifest? Is that something I need to create? Seems like it should just work for a brand new Adobe Air project?

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