jeudi 20 avril 2017

Adobe Air for iOS: MovieClip Animation runs at high framerate / FPS

Having a strange issue with an Air for iOS project built with Adobe Animate (Flash) where a MovieClip [preload] animation is playing at a really high framerate while a netstream/netconnection video is loading.

The project itself has a framerate set to 17fps, and I've also attempted to set the framerate via as3 (using stage.frameRate=17) but for whatever reason, this animation always seems to play at a really high framerate (800-3000fps!) but will eventually level out down to 17. This only seems to happen when I first open the app on the iOS device, if I call the same function again to play the video, then the animation plays back at 17fps.

I used the code at to determine the actual FPS it was playing back at (which is where I found out it was at around 3000fps in some cases!) and I've also tried using various code for framerate limiting/throttling to no avail (such as the class found here: and am running out of ideas..

The Air for iOS render mode is set to GPU, but changing to anything else has the same issue. I've read a lot about low FPS issues with Air for iOS apps, but haven't come across anything similar to this issue (yet) and need to find out if anyone has had a similar problem and might know of a solution!

Any help is appreciated!

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