samedi 8 avril 2017

as3 ShineMP3Encoder issue (clicking sound when mp3 audio starts)

After recording a sound and converting it into wav...

var enco:WaveEncoder=new WaveEncoder();
var o:ByteArray=enco.encode(soundO,1,16,44100);

I pass it to ShineMP3Encoder

_mp3_encoder = new ShineMP3Encoder(o);
_mp3_encoder.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onMP3EncoderComplete, false, 0, true);

onMP3EncoderComplete has two vars

var mp3:ByteArray = _mp3_encoder.mp3Data;
var wav:ByteArray = _mp3_encoder.wavData;

wav audio is normal, but mp3 almost always (99%) has a clicking sound when audio begins. Here's a picture from SoundForge app.

We can see these two files are identical, but mp3 has a clicking sound at the beginning.

Is it my system/hardware/compiler problem or it's something else?

btw I tried some online swf example of ShineMP3Encoder and it has same issue. So probably that's not my compiler problem

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